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Selection of Individual consultant for development of Exit Strategy on Rural Resilience Project (RRP)


The Rural Resilience Project (RRP), the seventh IFAD programme in Moldova (IFAD VII), was designed to be implemented during 72 months period, starting from 14th of August 2017 and completing 30th September 2023. Its implementation is under the responsibility of the Consolidated Programme Implementation Unit (CPIU) for IFAD-funded projects in Moldova.



The objective of this assignment is to support the CPIU in developing a sustainable Exit Strategy for the Rural Resilience Project, scheduled for completion on 30 September 2023. An Exit strategy is a document outlining how a project intends to withdraw its resources while ensuring that the achievement of its development goals is not compromised and that progress towards achieving these goals continue after project completion. The Exit Strategy will contribute to the sustainability and scaling up of a project's impact, by promoting the continuation of benefits once project activities are coming to completion.

RRP’s exit strategy will thus have to ensure that successful innovations, approaches and models are not only documented but also shared with relevant stakeholders to facilitate and trigger expansion of these successes. The strategy will put the emphasis on a pathway for scaling up well-performing project activities, leading to greater impacts after the project ends.  The exit strategy will be developed in close collaboration with partners involved in the implementation of project activities, as well as with relevant government stakeholders and partnering institutions.


The following deliverables in English language will be provided to the project:

  • Inception report and Implementation Plan;
  • Draft Exit Strategy to be presented to CPIU and IFAD for comments.


Details: on CPIU’s website 45/20 RRP


Applications for expressions of interest and the CV will be submitted in writing, at the address indicated below (personally, by mail or by e-mail) until 21 August 2020, at 10.00 AM.

  • Expression of interest (free form);
  • CV (free form).


Interested persons should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience. The key criteria for shortlisting are the following:

1. General qualification - 40 points;

2. Specific experience – 40 points;

3. Language skills -10 points;

            4. Computer management skills – 10 points.


More information can be requested at the address indicated below:

Consolidated Programme Implementation Unit (CPIU IFAD)

Attn: Nicolae Babara, Procurement specialist, of.  1307, bd. Stefan cel Mare și Sfînt, 162, 

Chisinau, MD-2004, Republic of Moldova